What is JAdventure?

JAdventure is a MMORPG - a massive multiplayer online role playing game. Server and client are written in Java.
In the past we used an application server (JOnAS and later JBoss) but that was really overhead. Today we are no longer using any application server and the complete resource management is written by us.
The objects can be saved into a file system or inside a database. (The file system is recommend!)

What is the status? Is there a server, where I can play?

We are still in an early development phase. We hope, that we can build a first alpha version as fast as possible.

What are the requirements?

Only Java 1.4 is needed. Java 1.3 doesn't work, because we are using the new java.nio Classes for non blocking TCP/IP Communication.

What should be inside the first version 0.1?

We will release a first alpha version 0.1 as soon as these points are working:

Can I help?

It would be fine, if you are interested in this project. We need:


Sourceforge hosts projects for free with good support and a lot of features:
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InstallAnywhere now! can be used freely and we use it for all installer-Files!
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